Monday, March 29, 2010

Four Cute Kids

We are lucky enough to live next to these four cute kids. Aren't my boys lucky to live next to such beautiful girls. Jaden calls the older two his girlfriends! Little Jaxson wanted nothing to do with the camera but the other three were perfect. At least he's not crying, right?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Last Call...

Just a quick reminder about the Easter Mini Sessions that I will be offering next weekend. There seems to be a lot going on on Saturday so I am going to set the backdrop up at my home on Friday for some other sessions if that works better for you.

Here is how the mini session will work...
On Saturday, March 27th I will have studio lights and a white backdrop set up at my home available for pictures. Here is an example of what the backdrop looks like...

The backdrop will be available all day on Friday and Saturday but I am also willing to do some pictures outside near my home if the weather permits. There are a couple of great locations close by.

The cost is $25 and includes as many people as you want from your immediate family. I will take as many pictures and poses as you want in a 20-25 minute time frame. You will get the rights to two edited photos and any additional photos are $10 each. You can also order an unlimited amount of any of the pictures that you want through me. The prices are listed on the side of my blog.

Call or email now to schedule a time 360-5166 or

Monday, March 15, 2010

Double Trouble

I took pictures of these cute little twins when they were newborns and it was so great to see them again at 7 months old. It makes me a little sad that my twins are past the baby stage!

We had the hardest time getting them to smile when they were together. Their poor Mom tried every trick in the book and it just wasn't happening!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baby Crew

My good friend had a baby a few weeks ago and I have been so excited to take his pictures, mostly so I could be around a new baby again! He was born several weeks early but it is probably a good thing considering he was over 7lbs. Meet baby Crew...

Crew's big sister (who I have decided is going to marry my Jaden someday!) wanted her picture taken too. I wish my boys would sit and pose like this...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Easter Mini Sessions

I don't know about you, but I am so ready for Spring. I thought to get me in the mood I would offer Easter Mini Sessions similar to the ones I did at Christmas. I love to have pictures of my kids in their Easter clothes and I am sure a lot of you do too. Here's how it works...

On Saturday, March 27th in the morning I will have the studio lights and white backdrop set up at my home and the afternoon I will be at a location of my choice outside. The cost is $25 and includes as many people as you want from your immediate family. You will get 20 minutes of shooting time and the full rights to two edited photos. Any additional photos are $10/each. But here is what I am doing different this time... you can order an unlimited number of any of the photos that I edit through the professional printing company that I use. The prices are listed on the side of my blog.

So call now to schedule a time. If the 27th doesn't work for you give me a call and we'll come up with another time! Here are some examples of what you can get with your Easter Mini Session...