Monday, July 23, 2012

Maddox and Kennedy {Children}

These sweet little siblings are my cousins children. They are so cute! Unfortunately Kennedy is very shy.  She did not enjoy having her picture taken!  But good thing she looks cute even when she isn't smiling and while holding her pig and goldfish!

Nottingham Family

Isn't this family so gorgeous? We did their pictures a couple of weeks ago with the whole family but very windy conditions and an unhappy baby did not make for the best results. So we met last week to try again, and it went much better!  It was a great chance to try out my new lens (which I am really excited about!).  Enjoy the pictures...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Jordan {Baptism}

Isn't Jordan so beautiful? She will be getting baptized next month and we had a great time taking pictures to celebrate this special event. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quincy {Newborn}

This was one of the funnest newborn sessions that I have done. Quincy's Mom and Aunt came for the pictures and we had a great time posing this sweet baby. I as a little worried because she is older than most of the newborns that I take pictures of. But she behaved so well that is was no problem at all! 

And we couldn't forget big brother...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hadley {Newborn}

Hadley was the best behaved newborn that I have ever photographed. She slept almost the entire time and hardly made a peep. She is coming to the most amazing parents who love her so much already.  And as you can tell from the pictures, she is destined to be a Nebraska Corn Huskers fan like her Dad!

Anna {Newborn}

I have been so lucky to photograph a lot of newborns lately. Anna is coming to a wonderful home with three older brothers. I can tell you from experience, that she will be treated like princess! What a lucky girl to have three big brothers...